Photography and Imagery

About Myself

Hi, Im Dan Goodwin of DG Images. Far from being your conventional photographer, I strive to push boundaries in both photo technique and subject matter. I was was born and raised in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. After finishing a university business and design course in 2000, I travelled half way around the world to spend a year in Australia, eventually settled across the ditch in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I like to describe my style as 'unique'. No shot, scenario or subject is out of bounds. Alterations, composite images, and application of post processing techniques and filters are creatively applied to much of my work. This makes each and every single shot slightly different and gives my work a diverse and interesting look.

The photography on this site is only a sample portfolio of the styles and techniques I use. These images are selected to show the breadth and diversity of of my work and are far from being definitive.

More work can be viewed through social media platforms such as my Facebook page, whilst my full portfolio can be viewed in high quality on Flickr